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Tarragon Vinegar

Our tarragon is lush just now. This vinegar recipe, great in salads and especially in Green Goddess dressing, makes the tarragon last all year.


1 quart apple cider vinegar (for local flavor use the lovely vinegar made by Apex Orchards)
1/2 cup tarragon leaves


Heat the vinegar in a non-aluminum pan until it is just about to boil but not boiling. While it is heating, wash and dry the tarragon leaves, being careful not to crush them. Gently push the leaves into a warm, clean glass jar with a capacity greater than a quart.

When the vinegar is warm, pour it into the jar and close the jar loosely. Tighten the jar lid after the vinegar cools. Place the jar in a cool, dry place for 3 days, gently shaking it twice a day. Do NOT try to shake the bottle just after you pour in the hot vinegar as it may leak or explode.

Strain the vinegar through cheesecloth and funnel it into smaller bottles. If you like, you may place a sprig of tarragon in your bottles to help you remember what type of vinegar they contain. (Labels help, too.)

Makes about 1 quart of vinegar.

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